14 May 2012 | Tanya Goodin

Tamar help TeamGB with launch of infographic series

I’m delighted that today TeamGB has launched the first in a series of three London 2012 infographics, produced by Tamar.

We’re very keen as an agency to support our national team and we hope the infographics series will help spread information about the team in an exciting visual way that will encourage the whole nation to get behind them.

The first in the series “Behind TeamGB”, published today, concentrates on the history of the team, the support behind them and where GB currently stands in the all-time Olympics medals table.

The second “Meet the Team” will be published when the last of the 550 athletes is selected in July and will introduce you to the men and women who will represent us at London 2012.

The third and last infographic will be published after the closing ceremony of the Games and will showcase our national team’s medal success.

I hope everyone will enjoy and share the infographic series and will get behind TeamGB!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar

  • Liz

    Great infographic! Really good to know our olympic history ready for this years games. It’s interesting that we seem to excel in watery events (rowing, sailing, swimming), maybe it’s a product of being an island nation!

  • http://www.tanyagoodin.com Tanya Goodin

    Particularly exciting we are 4th in the ‘all-time’ league table going into London 2012. I have high hopes of us coming out much further up!

  • Nara

    It’s really interesting to see such kind of information to be presented in a visual way..Olympics is such an important event for hosting country, participating countries,athletes..for people…
    Fabulous infographic!

  • Christine

    Awesome infographic and ‘Roar with pride’ mascot! Although, I’m concerned about NINE double-decker buses of coca-cola – shouldn’t our athletes be drinking something else like water or something? Let’s go Team GB!