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The Top 10 start-ups next on Mark Zuckerberg’s shopping list?

Christine Andres
Christine Andres
Social Media Strategist
17 April 2012

We all know Facebook just bought Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. Well, Mark Zuckerberg only went and bought something again – acquiring customer loyalty mobile startup ‘Tagtile’ just yesterday. With Facebook domination happening left, right and centre, here’s a list of the other remaining top-ranking startups that we reckon may possibly tempt this currently acquisitive tech giant to pounce in the near future…

  1. foursquare - the location-based social network which has just topped 20 million users with over 20 billion check-ins could be the next hottest candidate for either a Facebook or Google buy out. There’s clearly a massive user base, which has previously gained Foursquare a big partnership opportunity with American Express and other big brands.
  2. Path – this up and coming ‘life-sharing’ smartphone app is said to have one of the best designed user interfaces for smooth social content creation. The intuitive way of journal-ing one’s day is what it’s all about. Google are more likely to have their eyes on this one, especially since it could be a good idea to integrate with Google+ for the ‘Google Glass’ project.
  3. Viddy – the video answer to Instagram. Viddy has been popping up in articles all over the web. Users can simply capture and edit mini movies of everyday moments which can then be shared with family and friends via Facebook. As integration exists already, Facebook would probably be the best bet to claim this app.
  4. Tumblr - Google would easily be able to cease the opportunity of monetising this blogging platform with advertisements whilst convincing currently active Tumblr users to join Google+.
  5. Spotify – the ultimate social world of music service this startup has already teamed up with Facebook. Google may also want their hands on Spotify seeing as the concept of providing a popular music sharing service only gives another reason for users to stay loyal to a social network.
  6. StumbleUpon – the discovery engine that feeds people with information and lets them explore the greatest source of knowledge aka the Internet. This startup delivers traffic to websites without any copyright problems and also happens to be one of the leading social networks out there. Why wouldn’t this spark up potential acquisition by Google, Facebook, Twitter or even Apple?
  7. Thisismyjam – just like Spotify, is another online music sharing service which encourages you to share the song that you cannot seem to get out of your head via Facebook and Twitter. With that in mind, we’re guessing either Facebook and Twitter will want to keep this all to themselves, but let’s face it, Google could potentially pluck this one off of them if they really wanted to.
  8. Square – credit card payments at its finest! This revolutionary card reader app makes business convenient by directly turning iOS devices into a register. Paypal would be the obvious choice to acquire Square but then again, Google may secretly want in on this one too.
  9. Cinemagr.am – simple gif creation app that turns photographs into shareable animations. This is climbing up the app charts –  and fast. Facebook, Twitter and Google need to watch out for this one. We could have a winner.
  10. Three startups with an equal chance that broke out at this year’s SXSW are Highlight, Sonar and Glancee. All three mobile apps are based on sharing a user’s location and offering the opportunity to learn about a stranger nearby after checking out his/her profile. Think Foursquare meets Match.com.

And what about Pinterest? With the network attracting huge levels of online attention and getting users hooked on pinning for hours, Pinterest is potentially on the road to becoming a social Goliath itself. Chances are, it probably won’t sell out without serious investment. Only time will tell.

Why not let us know who you think could be next to face Facebook’s acquisition trail?




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