24 February 2012 | Team Tamar

SES London – Tamar presentation slides

Earlier this week our team attended the popular Search Engine Strategies conference here in London. As well as having a great time catching-up with all the latest opinions and insights from around the industry, I gave a talk about how SEO folk can bolster their search campaigns by using social media.

Usually at events like these, the organisers ask presenters to provide their presentations in advance so that they can ensure they’re available for delegates to download straight after. Interestingly though, a large number of speakers from this year’s event seem to have shared their presentations more publicly – evidently conferences really ARE getting more social! So with that in mind, we’ve put the presentation I gave up on Slideshare. Obviously it’s lacking the major element you get from seeing a presentation in person – i.e. the commentary. But it should still prove useful for the average user, and even more so if you were actually there.

After the session, a lot of the questions centred around the advantages to be had from using Search and Social Media together – something which we at Tamar are very focused on. If this is something you are interested, I urge you to get in touch to talk to us about it. If you want a bit of background on the subject, we partnered-up with the IAB and Microsoft Bing to produce a book all about it – you can find a copy here!

Team Tamar

  • amanda

    I don’t think all brands want to take a ‘Broadcast’ approach but it if a brand has limited resource/budget (as so many do) then is Broadcasting more beneficial for the bottom line than half-hearted interaction?