23 January 2012 | Team Tamar

Bamboozled by Katie Price and Snickers?

Twitter was buzzing on Sunday because former Page 3 girl/reality TV
star/Heat magazine staple Katie ‘Jordan’ Price unleashed a barrage of
‘intelligent’ tweets.

Unsurprisingly, people were convinced that she was hacked.

But it turns out, it was a crafty stunt sponsored by Snickers.
It was ‘genius’….in an entrapment kind of way. Once she got
everyone’s attention, she let loose the Snickers sponsored message:

Silicon Alley Insider, one of my go to sources for tech news didn’t
even pick up
on the fact that Snickers was behind the ‘smart’ tweets.

If it went over SAIs head, then it probably went over the heads of the
regular ole Joes and Janes on Twitter.

It’s no surprise that people reacted so negatively when they figured
out they’d been ‘had’.

It’s a fact of modern life, celebrities have endorsement deals and we,
the public, accept they are paid to hawk just about anything.

However, we rightfully expect celebrities to be transparent with their
sales pitches, especially in the social media space.

Furthermore, Twitter, Facebook – these are channels were we expect
brands to be more authentic.

Brand managers, brand community managers, celebrities…let the
Katie/Snickers stunt be a lesson to you.

Don’t annoy your customers and fans by being sneaky with your
messaging and intentions in the realm of social media.

Team Tamar