14 December 2011 | Tanya Goodin

Tamar’s Top 10 Blogs of 2011

Here at Tamar, we like to ensure that everyone blogs on a regular basis, and in 2011 we wrote 119 posts generating 70,739 visits – which was a bumper year for us.

To round off the year, here is Tamar’s Top 10 blogs of 2011, compiled by choosing a combination of our personal favourites and weaving in the blogs that generated the most comments, views and shares:

10. The Social Media Voice and THAT Footballer
We looked at the effect of Twitter on this year’s “Super Injunction” scandal, and how the courts failed to silence the new media and the Twitter gossip mill…

9. Burberry making social media history
This year’s London Fashion Week saw designer brand Burberry streaming their catwalk show live via their Twitter channel – a move which attracted almost as much coverage as it did new followers…

8. 5 Ways to Optimize for Google Places
We’ve all seen Google Place results coming up in search results – but how do you ensure your locations come up higher than your competitors? We investigated…

7. London 2012: Best Games Plan
With less than a year to go until the biggest show in the world hits London, I took a look at the ways in which brands can capitalise on the buzz around the Olympics in 2012…

6. YouTube Scores a Win, But What Are You Watching
This year saw YouTube break all sorts of personal records for traffic, as well as showing a massive uplift in mobile movie views – but what are people actually watching?

5. Digital Santa Infographic
The most recent post on the list, our Digital Santa infographic takes a festive look at all the different ways Father Christmas is utilising social media to spread Christmas cheer…

4. Steve Jobs and Me
I took a personal look at the life of recently-deceased visionary Steve Jobs, a man who had a big impact in my own life as well as millions of others.

3. A Twitter Experiment – The Dangers of Blind Retweeting
If you’re Twitter feed is ever filled with B-list celebrities retweeting charity requests or birthday messages from their followers, you’ll definitely want to read this post…

2. Digital Predictions for 2012 / Predictions Infographic
Every year we produce our predictions for the coming 12 months – this year, as well as looking forward, we also took a light-hearted look back, producing a review looking at our success rates in previous years…

1. Brand Love 25 / Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands
This year saw the launch of our bi-annual “Best Digital Brands” report, which caused more than a little conversations when we released them in February and September…

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar