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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #11 – Occupy Jeremy Clarkson’s brain

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
2 December 2011

This week has been relatively quiet on the #FAIL front – most of the controversy on Twitter has been taken up by one spectacular Marketing #WIN – namely, the controversy Jeremy Clarkson managed to create with his comments about striking workers and how they should be shot.

Why is that a marketing #WIN I hear you ask? Well, because of these little items – all released within the last month, and all seeing improved sales thanks to Clarkson’s comments…!

Anyway, on to the more fun stuff – the FAILs!

Dropped like a rotten Apple

Former Apple employee Samuel Crisp (plenty of scope for puns there – Apple… Crisp… Sure we could get a bacon in there too?) got himself fired this week after some of his comments on Facebook didn’t go down well with his managers. Apparently he posted the following on his status (relating to his iPhone), which a sneaky colleague then reported to the store’s management:

‘F***ed up my time zone for the third time in a week and woke me up at 3am? JOY!!’

I don’t know about you, but that seems a little harsh to us – particularly as he doesn’t even SAY it was on his iPhone explicitly. I guess Apple don’t like their image being besmirched, even a tiny weeny bit… by a chap in Norwich!

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave…”

Sticking with Apple, their revolutionary “personal assistant” app, ‘Siri’ received a lot of flack this week for being a little too morally ambiguous.

According to reports, you can happily use Siri to locate your nearest gun shooting range, find out where to buy viagara and even your nearest prostitute. But ask Siri where to find your nearest abortion clinic and you might find yourself redirected to an anti-abortion religious group’s website….

Apple have shrugged off the claims, explaining that Siri’s seemingly flip-flopping morals are simply down to the app being “in Beta” – that old chestnut…! They’ve clearly been learning off Google…

Occupy Jay-Z’s bank account!

Jay-Z got himself in some hot water recently, when he produced a t-shirt featuring a slogan which some people claim was cashing-in on the #Occupy movements.

The “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts that the rap mogul produced were taken down quite quickly after they went on sale – leaving several news organisations to speculate that complaints were made by the #OccupyWallStreet protesters – but it turns out that the only reason they got taken down was because they sold out, leaving Jay-Z to feel suitable smug.

But, if the Facebook comments below the item are anything to go by, the backlash isn’t over yet – this one looks set to run and run…



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