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Video Killed the Complacent Star

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
4 November 2011

A few months ago I blogged that investing in video content to share via social channels could give a brand a distinct advantage over its competitors.

Respected fashion digital expert, Tony King, delivered the same message recently in his keynote presentation at the Fashion Forward Digital Conference.  King stressed that successful digital campaigns need to go beyond selling in the fashion space. It’s all about ‘telling’ a story. For a brand there’s no better way to do it than via the dynamic, ‘living’ medium of video.

In my opinion, a fashion brand is a representation of a lifestyle, a state of mind.  Video, more than words on a page or a photograph, can do so much to bring a brand’s character to life.  The fashion field is jam packed and a brand needs to do what it can to differentiate itself from everyone else. Fashion writer Roeland de Jong rightly pointed out in his review of King’s keynote that brands are missing a trick if they don’t leverage video to drive ecommerce sales.

King featured videos produced by luxury brands Burberry and Bally as good examples.

It’s not just the luxury brands that are using video well.  I quite liked H&M’s recent video featuring an edgy Japanese musician living in London.

Building the brand through the story of cool associations will go a lot further with today’s finicky fashion consumer!

Because mobile has been largely responsible for the increase in video viewing, video producers must take note and content needs to be created with this in mind.  According to a recent article, mobile device owners are hungry for ‘snack-sized’ video portions that are less than five minutes in length.

We’d love to know — generally speaking, do you like watching branded videos and has a branded video influenced any of your buying decisions recently?



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