21 November 2011 | Sarah Graveling

Tanya Goodin’s Digital Predictions Infographic

Tamar’s CEO Tanya Goodin has been predicting the digital future for a few years now, so as she’s just launched her latest predictions for 2012, we look back over the previous years as they’ve become bigger and better.

Let’s see how right she really is!


Sarah Graveling

Sarah Graveling

Sarah is Creative Director at Tamar.

  • http://www.pakhoucheung.co.uk Pak Hou Cheung

    Interesting thoughts…

    I like it, how from 2008 there were 3 predictions then in 2011 outcomes 19 predictions!

    What\’s meant by the % success rate? BTW? Could you elaborate?

    Looking forward to 2012\’s already 😉 ……….