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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #9 – Dalston Superstars vs Sapient Nitro

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
18 November 2011

Well, another week has passed by in a blur, and another crop of embarrassing marketing or media fails have revealed their ugly heads. It’s actually been a bumper month for FAILs – when we first started ‘Failure to Launch’ I was a little worried that we’d be light on material, but thankfully the internet seems to be positively bursting with funny and embarrassing stories. So, without further ado, here’s this week’s healthy crop…

Sapient Nitro fizzles

According to pretty much everyone who has seen it, Sapient Nitro’s new “viral” video effort – a music video accompanying a “rap” song about how cool it is being an ‘idea engineer’ – is pretty dire. But there’s no point in trying to describe it – you really need to see it for yourself to witness the sheer… amazingness of it all…

Whilst it could be argued that the “buzz” the video has created is worth the production alone, a lot of the buzz is very negative. The main bone of contention amongst the marketing community, as reported by NMA, is the fact that SN are removing all negative comments about the video from YouTube. Not exactly a very smart way to demonstrate how open and creative your company is…!

Redefining the word “Superstar”?

Despite having read about this all week, we’re still not entirely sure whether the new Dalston Superstars TV show is a spoof, or just a really hideous attempt at a new reality TV format. Here’s the blurb from VICE magazine, creators of the show:

VICE is delighted to introduce Dalston Superstars, a startling, fresh look at the lives of five young creatives from London’s coolest hangout, Dalston. This week the gang are lifting the lid on the bitching and drama involved in running the hottest club-night in town. Swag, bitches!

Just like the Sapient Nitro video though, it’s got to be seen to be believed:

The best way to judge public reaction to the show is in the comments underneath the video here – our favourite is simple yet brilliant: “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Escalator Stupidity

After last week’s hilarity caused by the dancing shoplifter, we couldn’t resist sharing this video with you. Here’s the backstory, from the Telegraph (one of the many papers to report the “story” this week)

One determined shopper has become a viral sensation after she was filmed desperately trying to climb an escalator going the wrong way. Wearing heels, the blonde lady manages to conquer the escalator following a lengthy climb and a few final lunges. As well as reaching the summit of the next floor at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York to the sound of laughter from those capturing the moment, the shopper is given several odd looks by bemused passers-by riding the escalator in the correct direction.

Here she is in all her reverse-climbing glory:



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