29 November 2011 | Team Tamar

#SAScon Mini November 2011 Roundup

Last week on Thanksgiving, I attended SAScon Mini up in charming city of Manchester.  There were many ideas flying around during the sessions – here are my favourite finds:

Method Marketing Has a Role in Digital.  For optimal conversion results, you need to LIVE the experience.  This all makes me feel like Peggy twirling a pencil on Mad Men deep in thought.  Method marketing means going through the process of ordering a product from your client’s website.  Or actually playing around or experiencing the product you’re selling.  For example, you may come up with a bunch of unanswered questions which a bit of additional content could help with, which are currently holding back your conversion rates.

Product reviews pay dividends.  Between aiding your SEO with unique content and incentivising buyers, product reviews are a win/win.  To not have product reviews active on your site and SIMPLE for users to complete is a huge loss to your conversion rate at the end of the day.

PR is SEO. SEO is PR. One speaker harped on about this a bit, and I entirely disagree.  Social media can act as the digital arm of public relations but SEO definitely does not.  What SEO can do is, between the content and links we create, mould how the public portrays a brand’s website.  Plus, when people search for certain phrases there are likely to be brands they identify with as popping up like Toys R Us appearing for “toys”.  However, as a general rule SEO doesn’t react fast enough to be considered public relations.

SSL for security or Google’s £ gain? Secure Socket Layer anyone?  If you missed Henry’s post , in a phrase SSL is Google hiding organic keywords driving traffic to your site; in analytics the missing keywords appear as “not provided” in the list of keywords.  Google says they are doing this for “security” but if that were real, I’d expect them to go the whole hog and hide data from PPC users as well.  Although, security may be an authentic reason, in light of the upcoming EU cookie laws.  Maybe Google is preparing for another political move which will effect search?

Other thoughts include that perhaps Google will make that data accessible for a new enterprise level of analytics?  Or perhaps they are hoping this will motivate website users to spend in PPC to see what “not provided”.

I did a bit of research before the SSL panel started, and it seems that in general I’m seeing between 0.6% and 1.6% of traffic is driven by websites.  In short, SSL on the grander scheme of things isn’t that big a deal in my eyes.  Only on techy sites with high percentage of Google logins can I see SSL being a serious problem holding back strategies; example that springs to mind is Econsultancy’s sensational 33% post (it could have made the Daily Mail!).

What did you think of SAScon?  Or perhaps of the SAScon tweets coming out that day?

Team Tamar