1 November 2011 | Team Tamar

October’s top digital news – Round-up

Welcome to October’s Top Digital News from Tamar. Here we’ve outlined the month’s top news so you are up-to-date about all the big goings-on in the digital space.

  1. Facebook logoFacebook introduce ‘People Talking About’ metric
    After last month’s f8 conference, Facebook made it clear that they want to be about ‘emotional connections’. We’ve seen the scrapbook themed timeline, and heard about the new range of verbs that are coming up, but first is ‘People Talking About’metric. Seen underneath the amount of ‘likes’ a brand has, this new metric tells you how many unique people have engaged with your page in the last 7 days. This essentially shows how many people are regularly invested in your brand, and come back after ‘liking’ – making brands work harder at continually and effectively engaging with their fans. Read more on the new metric here.
  2. And while we’re talking about Facebook
    They’ve sneakily announced on their blog that they are looking to roll out the use of their e-currency Facebook Credits onto the wider world web. This is a potentially huge update as they could add even more websites to their current portfolio of connections. Could this possibly pose Facebook as a genuine threat to PayPal? Time will tell!
  3. It’s been a rollercoaster month for Apple
    Apple released their highly anticipated new phone the Apple 4S, despite rumours raging that we would finally see an iPhone 5. Although there was initial disappointment, it didn’t stop legions of Apple brand evangelists rushing out to queue around the block for the new handset, pushing first weekend sales to over 4 million. Of course, days after the announcements it suddenly became clear why the conference had been a mini homage to Apple’s achievements. Steve Jobs sadly passed away on 5 October, leaving behind a legacy to the technology industry. Read more on the impact Steve Jobs had here.
  4. Blackberry outage gets users angry
    It was a bad month for Blackberry as they fought the failing of their email and BBM services and the backlash which swiftly followed.  Literally millions of users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa couldn’t use the services on the phones after a problem with a server at their parent company Research in Motion (RIM). With only a brief acknowledgement to the frustrated customers, the company opened themselves up to much criticism on Twitter. Read more on people’s reactions to the failings here.
  5. Klout logoKlout change their algorithm
    Klout is the self-proclaimed online standard of influence and they caused havoc when they tweaked their algorithm in October. It now supposedly provides more accuracy and transparency, however it has left users feeling baffled as to why their scores have dropped significantly.
  6. And something more light-hearted!
    News reports says that ISPs are to make access to porn an opt-in decision. An opt-in service would however have more restrictions than current parental controls, which often ‘protect’ us all from content that we don’t need to be protected from, for example, you couldn’t see the Wikipedia page for al Qaeda on certain controls.  More hilariously though we dread to think of the awkward conversations that may come up in homes across the country soon!

Team Tamar