28 October 2011 | Team Tamar

Twitter: Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?


A new Twitter tool has gone live today that will give brands and individuals the opportunity to know their followers better.  Know Your Twitter Followers, a new product launched by Schmap, takes a look at public data contained in your followers’ Twitter accounts such as bios and locations, and through a series of algorithms, offers a summary of your community that tells you what type of person follows your tweets.

If it works, Know Your Twitter Followers is going to be a dream tool for social media marketers, but at the moment, it’s only available in a Beta testing version.

I read in an article from The Telegraph that Know Your Twitter Followers reported that “Sarah Palin’s 683,681 Twitter followers are likely to be religious married parents who like reading books.” Using this information, Palin’s social media staff will be able to better reach their community and engage them by focusing on what’s important to them: religion, marriage, family, children, reading and education, besides the obvious interest, which is politics.

For a politician like Palin, knowing which issues will get more mileage for your campaign when addressed via Twitter is like winning the election lottery. Not only that, but by focusing the content a bit more clearly, she is likely to attract even more followers in the untapped networks of her community members, reaching potential new followers who have similar interests and priorities. Below is an example of what a report from Know Your Twitter Followers looks like.

Twitter tools, Schmap

Similarly, the information offered by Know Your Twitter Followers offers digital marketers a digital golden ticket into social media insight as well! Knowing even general majority statistics about your brand’s twitter community like gender, profession and marital status can allow you to tailor your content to better suit the needs and interests of the community.

As social media platforms become even more popular, there are more and more companies angling for attention, interaction and influence on Twitter. It is more important than ever that content is focused, engaging and relevant. The more you know about your community, the easier it is to create content that will generate interest, engagement, loyalty and revenue for your brand.

Know Your Twitter Followers is available for free, offering a general summary of only a few metrics such as gender trends, marital status, profession, likes and interests, however more in-depth reports are available starting at US $4.95 and ranging in price to US $149.95, depending on the depth of the report. There is currently a queue to use the service, so sign up now if you’re interested!

Team Tamar