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Tamar’s Friday #FailureToLaunch #3 – How to upset bloggers in one easy step

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
7 October 2011

Since it’s Friday once again, it’s time for our weekly round-up for the funniest/strangest/most embarrassing FAILs from the week in marketing/online.

It’s been a bit of a sad week online this week, so hopefully some of these might lighten your mood somewhat!

How not to work with bloggers, Number 964

We’re never quite sure how to feel about examples of bad “blogger relations” from PR companies – whilst a lot of them are invariably hilariously bad, they’re also often cringe-worthy. When you work in marketing like we do – and we often work with bloggers ourselves – it’s pretty horrifying to see how badly some people manage the process.

In a blog post entitled (I’ve censored this a little for the faint-hearted!) “And then the PR guy called me ‘a f***ing b***h’. I can’t even make this sh** up“, blogger The Blogess recounts her recent experience with a particularly clueless PR company. We won’t reprint it all here, though I wanted to reprint my own favourite line from the article, as a reminder to PRs and marketing folk of how bad this can turn…

And then I tweeted to to let them know that one of their VPs just sent me an email referring to me as “a f**king b**ch.” And many, many of my 164,000 followers replied and retweeted in the most clever and hysterically awesome ways imaginable.

Bullseye Contestants. That’s it.

This should probably be filed firmly under “weird” rather than a FAIL, but we wanted to share it none-the-less – it’s been causing a bit of a storm on Twitter this week, and you can see why…

It’s a blog populated by photos of Bullseye contestants. That’s it really. Simple, but brilliant. See for yourself here!

Hospitals are not for the weak

The always-popular FailBlog through up a classic clanger this week, in the shape of this sign which was found at a hospital. As with last week’s take-away menu, the genius can be found in the very last line…

Another FAIL for the Westboro Baptist Church

And finally… Amongst all the sadness and reflection yesterday, after the sad death of Steve Jobs, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in the US once again attempted to spin a national tragedy to their own PR advantage – but this time managed to commit a spectacular fail in the process.

Family-member Margie Phelps tweeted the following message: “Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin,” – no great surprises there, the “church” frequently attempt to gain publicity by boycotting funerals of high-profile people.

However, the rub came in the Phelps’s chosen method of tweeting said message – the very definition of irony, in our opinion:



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