1 September 2011 | Team Tamar

Facebook to jump on the photo filter craze

According to a Harvard Business School report released earlier this year, 6 billion photos are uploaded on to Facebook each month!

The ability to easily share photos without quantity limitations is one reason why Facebook has dominated the field. Personally speaking, photos are what have kept me on Facebook (my social platform of choice is Twitter). My family are based all over the world – sharing photos on Facebook is how we manage to stay connected with one another.

I was not surprised to hear that Facebook is supposedly rolling out Instagram-like photo filters to its users soon. Mark Zuckerberg’s team appears to subscribe to the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ line of thinking – they introduced Facebook Deals when everyone was buzzing about Groupon and now there’s the rumoured photo filter in the works.

Instagram has achieved phenomenal success in the 9 months it has been in existence. To date, 150 million photos have been shared via the free photo centric app. This is especially noteworthy as Instagram is only available to iPhone and iPad users.

Unlike Facebook Deals, if the photo filter app rumour is indeed true, it will be a smashing success and will be here to stay.

It’s just too bad that we’re seeing ‘me too’ features emerge from Facebook.

I can’t wait to see something truly groundbreaking from Zuckerberg and his team…

Team Tamar