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Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands Top 25

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
28 September 2011

Today at Tamar we’re launching our “Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands 2011” league table. This year we’ve refined our table to rank only pure-play digital retail brands. These are the power-house brands helping to ignite the UK’s moribund economy while bricks and mortar bomb and the high street shuts up shop. We’re proud to say we’ve helped ignite quite a few of these digital brands to online success.

Download the entire table, along with our Infographic…

At Tamar we spend a lot of time thinking about how brands get their customers not just to ‘like’ but to really ‘love’ them. Now that Facebook has launched its new ‘gestures’ button maybe there will be a ‘love’ button soon that will really highlight the distinct difference between the two.

We know that if a customer merely says they ‘like’ your brand it means you’re one of a basket of bands under consideration when they come to buy. But if they ‘love’ a brand they will only ever buy from you when they’re in the market to buy what you sell. Getting to the place where customers are not just considering but passionate fans and advocates of your brand has to be the goal of any marketing director in Britain.

Our table ranks digital brands firstly by the size of their online communities, (we’d have loved to have included more channels than just Facebook and Twitter but very few brands sadly are adopting more than these two platforms right now).  Then, because community size has to translate into engagement and sales to be about value and not just about vanity, ranks the brands by revenue as a secondary metric.

It’s no surprise that ASOS dominates the top of the table but some of the brands that appear beneath them in the Top 25 may be a surprise. Some of them are definitely not ‘household’ names but are quietly and stealthily growing great businesses online and carving market-share from some more ‘traditional’ better-known brands.

It’s clear though looking at the spread of the table that, even within the digital sector, some brands are performing very much better than others. Why?

What has made ASOS so successful? And why are they so far in the lead online? It’s been their early decision to capitalize on the seismic shift from bought to earned media. They were most definitely early adopters of social media and while other brands are now trying to make-up ground on the core Facebook and Twitter channels ASOS are leaping still further ahead into emerging platforms such as Instagram and, just last week, launching a series of branded apps.

They’ve grabbed the social media revolution with both hands and are seeing stellar financial performance as a result.

Digital brands at the bottom of the table and digital brands who don’t quite make the Top 25 need to look at the stars appearing here and take note. If you need any more proof that community growth and customer engagement is strongly linked to financial success, you can find it right here.



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