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Analytics Focus: Nedstat custom reporting (Report Builder)

Alex Christie

6 September 2011

I’m sure most analysts would agree when I say custom reporting is without a doubt one of the most important features within any analytics package. I’m also sure you won’t mind me saying that having this fantastic feature gives us an opportunity to produce great insight and analysis for our clients.

For most of Tamar’s clients I have used Google Analytics’ custom reports, but a few months back – for one of our new clients – I finally came across Nedstat custom reporting (known as Report Builder) and it just blew my mind!

I always used to struggle with parts of Google Analytics’ custom reporting when I had to include more than two dimensions. For example, for a particular client I wanted to see the monthly keyword traffic from different cities, but every time I tried to create a custom report, I couldn’t drill down beyond keywords – as can be seen in the snapshot below.

It is frustrating not being able to drill down beyond keywords and apply any filter for any specific city or even see the countries.

BUT Nedstat Report Builder made this so easy and simple – I can put as many dimensions and drill down to every last one, as can be seen in the below screenshot

So personally, for me Nedstat Report Builder is one of the best custom reporting features that’s currently out in the market. It allows the inputting of as many dimensions and metrics as you need, and also allows you to drill down to the very last dimension for in-depth insight and analysis.



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