7 September 2011 | Team Tamar

A new social media platform where it’s okay to judge a book by its cover

If you’re an avid fashion blog reader, you’ve probably seen various posts and tweets about OOTD’s (outfit of the day), showing photos of the blogger, taken in a long mirror or by an accomplice and then details listed below about what they’re wearing.

Bloggers and tweeters alike have been sharing with the world what they wear every day for years and this day-to-day red carpet has provided a way for people to shop, express themselves and be fashionably social no matter what the distance between them.  Blogger Poppy Dinsey has finally taken the opportunity to capitalize on this trend by creating a social media platform called What I Wore Today for people who enjoy judging and being judged on one criteria: clothes.

(Incidentally, it could be said that lookbook.nu is basically the same thing, but in my opinion, there’s a grass roots feeling about WIWT – the photos little less professional, coming across to the viewer as more sincere and authentic.)

What I Wore Today is still in beta form at the moment, however I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and I have to say that I think it’s quite clever. The social aspect of the site is highly engaging and takes something as simple as commenting on someone’s outfit or asking your co-worker where she got her bag and makes it digital with an inevitable global result. The user has the opportunity to see what real people (not super models in professionally styled and edited features) all over the world are wearing in their daily lives and interact with them.

Socially, the user can connect with old friends, make new friends, leave comments and view outfits from specific brands or locations. As with Facebook likes, the user also has the opportunity to favourite an outfit and there are rewards in the form of ‘kudos’ given to users for different accomplishments achieved when using the platform, similar to what we’ve seen with badges on Foursquare. With a mobile app coming soon, WIWT will be even easier to use for those on the go.

As a resource, people using WIWT can view outfits by location, brand or person. There is also the Editor’s Choice section where the select photos are highlighted, making it easy for someone to quickly view the best looks of the day without weeding through all the others.

Where brands are concerned, there is one more feature that I think is the keystone to What I Wore Today’s successful future. When users upload their photos, they have the opportunity to tag the items they’re wearing and within that tag, share the website where they bought it. Once this selection is made, it creates a button on the page that encourages the viewers to ‘buy’ the item if they like it.

What I Wore Today offers a great opportunity for brands to identify key influencers who are wearing their clothes, representing the current season customer base or belonging to the target demographic because they’re buying competitor brands’ goods. Furthermore, profiles on WIWT often include a blog or website address, giving a brand the opportunity to identify key blogs by location.

I definitely think there is definitely a place for niche social media platforms where people can interact in a smaller, more focused environment with their peers who have similar interests. We’ve all seen music platforms like Spotify or Last.fm take off. I am looking forward to using this platform as a blogger for building my network and readership, but as a social media professional, I’m also looking forward to seeing how WIWT progresses and how clients can benefit from it.

Team Tamar