19 September 2011 | Team Tamar

5 Ways to Optimise for Google Places

With millions of people using Google Maps to search for local business listings, you could be missing a major marketing opportunity if your business is not listed. By having your business listed on Google Places, you will be able to reach new customers, tell them about features of your business, improve your search engine ranking, and what’s more it’s free!

How do you Optimise for Google Places?

1. List your business and verify it with Google.

Register your business with Google, making sure you fill out as much information you can as accurately as possible. Once you have provided the necessary information Google requires they will send you a pin number for you to verify the listing with them.

2. Make sure to include Keywords in your listing.

If you are a hairdresser and your keywords are ‘cut and blowdry’ and ‘cut and colour’ then it’s essential that these words appear in your business description. If you can include your keywords in the business categorisation section.

3. Give as much information as you can to distinguish yourselves from competitors.

This could include uploading any promotional videos or photographs you have of your business. You can include what payments you accept and your opening times.

4. Encourage satisfied customers to give you a review.

This will make your business appear more authoritative and legitimate. Plus, Google will pick up that there is more digital interest in your website and will reward you accordingly.

5. Look at the statistics of who is clicking on your listing.

You will be able to see what people are searching for and where they are searching from which could prove to be insightful for marketing purposes. You may discover that people are searching more for ‘cheap highlights’ and this could be your opportunity into a niche market

Team Tamar