24 August 2011 | Team Tamar

Who has the power – blogs or brands?

Over the last decade, bloggers have changed from just another opinion floating in the ether, to a respected community voice – and one that brands are keen to influence and utilise in their marketing strategies.

There have been a few examples of the views of a blogger going viral with the help of dedicated followers and other social networking platforms, a prominent favourite being Dave Carroll’s YouTube sensation ‘United Breaks Guitars’ about the baggage handlers of United Airlines.

Recently a less comic example has been doing the retweet rounds on Twitter from the blog Not Now Nancy, regaling a blogger’s frustration at the treatment she received at her local supermarket.

The post prompted webwide support, especially after the aforementioned supermarket responded to the allegations, mainly instigated through the power of Twitter. Klout shows her score analysis jumping from 62.29 to 75.21 the day after the post, highlighting the speed of which her message was shared throughout the socialsphere.

Her request for a retweet to spread the word was obliged by 100+ followers according to Twitter, but the blogger herself has stated that she received 23,000 retweets in fewer than 3 hours. Add to that 50,000 post views (according to Blogger) and it’s no wonder that the supermarket was eager to get back on her good side.

When a single blogger can grab the attention of an audience a brand would pay thousands to target through various campaigns, it is clear that the power shift between the consumer and the corporation is balanced on a knife edge…

Team Tamar