19 August 2011 | Team Tamar

Twitter is the new ‘word of mouth’…

I remember hearing in university that the most important exposure for a brand is word of mouth. People have always trusted recommendations from family, friends or even friends of friends before they will give in to paid corporate advertising. We’ve all been in the situation where someone we know says something like “I saw an ad on television for this new product. Have you tried it before?” and I know we’ve all bought something based on the raves and recommendations of a friend, family member or colleague. There is even the occasion that we’ll buy something simply because someone else has it like the new “it bag” or a Mercedes SUV. It’s keeping up with the Joneses so to speak.

For this very reason, I truly believe Twitter is the way forward for brands to generate loyal devotion and revenue at the same time. Twitter offers the opportunity for brands to generate and sustain a healthy portion of digital word of mouth. Furthermore, Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing, be it links, retweets or photos.

Influential people in the social space, the taste makers if you will, are using Twitter to share what works, what they love and what they will spend their money on with their friends, family members and colleagues the same way your mum would’ve told the neighbour about a great new appliance she purchased and loved 20 years ago. The sentiment hasn’t changed; it’s just been updated slightly.

Though Twitter has a smaller following than Facebook, it is still growing while all signs point toward Facebook hitting a wall from saturated markets and supposed ‘Facebook fatigue’. More importantly, the quality of Twitter users seems to be superior in terms of sharing content and spreading the word. 

A recent article on thenextweb.com stated that 72% of Tweeters publish blogs at least once a month, 70% comment on others’ blog posts, 61% write at least 1 product review a month, 61% comment on news sites, 56% write for third party sites and 53% post videos online. The sharing potential is endless and influencers are heavily present on Twitter!

With such a dense population of influencers using Twitter, brands that wish to succeed and prosper have a responsibility to use this opportunity to forge relationships with these people. Interacting with your audience is the key to success and generating a devoted consumer base who will not only be loyal to your brand, but will also influence the people in their various networks through tweets, retweets, blog posts, video blogs and comments on blogs and other sites.

With an interactive Twitter strategy, when there’s praise for your brand, it’s free advertising and you have the opportunity to share that content as well. When things are not so favourable, there’s a great opportunity to show people on Twitter how well your brand handles a problem with grace, fairness and appreciation for your patrons.

It’s just like a relationship and it needs some TLC, attention and a well-thought strategy with a good mix of original, stimulating content and community management. With these tools, you can use Twitter to your advantage and generate digital word of mouth that spans the globe and makes your brand an industry leader to be reckoned with.

Team Tamar