30 August 2011 | Team Tamar

The endless possibilities of mobile connectivity

I spent my bank holiday weekend in a field, I’m sure that a lot of other people did too. All was super, as expected: wonderful friends, great music, dodgy weather.

One thing I did expect though was to have a bit of a tech holiday. However a few things this weekend impressed upon me how our favourite gadgets and shiny things are being used in a variety of unexpected ways, reminding me how endless the possibilities are, particularly with mobile.

For example, my friend is an excellent carpenter and artist who does beautiful things with reclaimed wood and recycled metal; he uses his iPad at shows to display a portfolio of his bespoke pieces and add atmosphere to his tent with a little music.

Another friend, who’s now an expert at glamping with her mattress and proper bed linen, brings her iPad so we can watch films under the stars. People are frequently surprised that someone who adores baking as I do is also a professional nerd, but I’m never without my Mac and iPhone in the kitchen, for entertainment (I had 4OD on as I baked on Saturday), and for recipes: few of mine are in books but are found on the infinite recipe database that is the web.

So what does this mean for businesses and indeed individuals?

It means that no matter what you do or how detached from the world of iPads, cloud computing or the Web your profession or hobby seems to be, there is an excellent, time-saving, enjoyable and down-right cool application for the very newest, shiniest technology.

Team Tamar