16 August 2011 | admin

Shareable Content: The key to SEO success in 2011 and beyond…

Some might argue that the inclusion of social media signals into search algorithms has been one of the most prolific disruptions in the world of online marketing. In a pre-social media dominated world, every link added on a website was considered as a vote. Now links shared via social channels are being considered votes and thus affecting search engines search results. Nothing enforces this more than the Google Panda update.

SEO success now hinges on the ‘shareability’ of your content through social spaces.

In order to adapt to this changing paradigm the following are some methods for making content more shareable:

  • Content– Because sharing is so important, it is vital to produce original and interesting content. You can do this by including interesting facts, sharing opinions on hot topics or  incorporating interesting images.
  • Add social plugging buttons– Now that you have interesting content on your website you must incentivise the reader to share it by including social buttons such as a Facebook like button or the Google +1 button.
  • Use Infographics – It is understandable that some topics don’t offer much wiggle room for writing interesting and fun content. In such cases graphs, tables and data relevant to the website’s products or services could be used to produce an infographic. Infographics have become effective in creating content that interesting, engaging and likely to be shared by users, predominantly within your target audience.

Content has always been ‘king’. What is different now is the inclusion of the social media elements in rewarding websites that hosts valuable content. Never before have the voices of the masses been given so much power and the sooner the webmasters understand this and implement these principles, the better it will be for their rankings.