22 August 2011 | Team Tamar

5 simple search tips to make you love Google even more!

Today I will be showing you 5  interesting search techniques which might just make you love Google that little bit more!

1) Time

If you, like me, have family all over the world but can never keep track of the time differences as to when best to Skype with them, typing this into the search bar should help you keep track:

time [location]

2) Related Site

I am not the kind of person to just settle down with one site and read the information from one source – I’m always inquisitive to find out similar and related sites, so as to understand different people’s view points. This is not only great to help you find similar sites for your hobbies and interests, but is great as to see who Google sees as your competitors!

related: [url]

3) File

Can’t find that Word or PDF file from that website you were browsing last night? Google not only looks at HTML sites, but also searches through files and documents.  The Google search supports files such as PDF, Microsoft office, Shockwave and many other files – or just try any 3 letter file types known to mankind:

for example try: GoogleSEO.pdf

4) Exact Phrase

I’m always remembering parts to a song but can’t quite remember the song name or artist – sound familiar? By inputting speech marks at the start and end of the phrase, Google will help to find you the exact match for you in the order inputted!  It’s also great to see if any sites have copied your work off a website too!

5) Dictionary and Synonym

When typing long and laborious essays at univeristy I always found this search technique helped alot, so as to not sift through pages upon pages of websites relating to synonyms and dictionaries, and found them simply through this:

If you’re looking for a definition of a word, try:

define: [query]

If you’re looking for a synonym add this ~ to the beginning of the word

There you have it 5 simple search tips, to help make you love Google that little bit more and save you time!

Team Tamar