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Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
30 June 2011

A while back I blogged about Goggle’s newest foray into Social Media with the Google +1, now it seems Google have taken another step at cracking social media and Facebook with the release of Google Plus.

Designed to rival Facebook, Google Plus allows users to create and join circles in which ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’ and ‘acquaintance’s'  can share their thoughts much the same way Facebook does. The only difference being that you can now select and choose who joins the ‘circle’ depending on the topic.

So for example if you have a shared interest in sport amongst a select number of friends you can create a post and share information relating to the latest event either by chatting, commenting or searching for information and posting a link. You then associate ‘circles’ in which you have categorised your friends so only they can view and share this information.

Sound like Facebook’s groups? …Pretty much although the Google Plus is much simpler in terms of usability because it allows you upload information and share it among your most relevant network of friends.

Other new features include:

Stream (News Feed/Update): Google Plus have added a feed which records all your activity and shares with your friends depending on whether you want them to know whether you have just  +1′d it, posted a comment, link, video or picture. The difference being you now have the power to decide which ‘circle’ will be notified of it or even decide whether it appears in the SERPs.

Sparks: This is an interesting feature which is related to people’s statuses, more specifically “leading statuses” such as Best Summer Festival?. By selecting the ‘spark’ option you will openly start a conversation with your connections to get their opinions and feedback.

Hangout: Google’s answer to Facebook chat, this feature will enable users to take the simple chat function one step further by creating a group chat or video.

Google’s foray into Social Media has been inevitable but that’s not to say that it will be an immediate success as they will first need to convince users that their Social Media platform has substantially more benefits than Facebook in order for people to not only use the platform but migrate their networks over as well.



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