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Reflections on SMX Advanced

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
20 May 2011

Earlier this week I attended SMX Advanced here in London. I always find these events insightful, a few speakers and sessions typically stand out as brilliant. In the same breath, I must say I’m a bit surprised at how basic some of the presentations are, highlighting things like “meta data is still a significant factor” and “H1 tags play a role in rankings”.

A few of areas I found particularly interesting:

  1. Richard Baxter never disappoints, and in the Ninja Keyword Tactics section he showed us how to better slice and dice keyword data to make the most of long tail terms by utilising a few simple excel equations find, iserror, and true. Another one of my favourite posts by @richardbaxter regards utilising pivot tables: http://seogadget.co.uk/how-to-make-a-pivot-table-and-chart-in-excel/
  2. My lovely fellow Ameican Christine Churchill opened my eyes to some additional free keyword research ideas. There were the obvious suggestions: Google Keyword Tool, Google Insights for Search for seasonality (especially usefull since the Google KW Tool no longer has historical data), and Google Trends. Some of @keyrelevance’s more interesting free ideas included utilising Microsoft AdCentre labs tools. Looking at Google instant suggestions, as well as Youtube’s instant suggestions.
  3. Many of my clients compete with Wikipedia for top ranks, so it’s helpful to know how much traffic a given Wiki articles receive. Annoyingly, while the tool funnels by language, it does not give the option to separate by nation. Do check it out: http://stats.grok.se/.
  4. SEO and Social Media. Does correlation guarantee causation? Personally, I’m not sure it does. Marcus Taylor (@marcusataylor) of SEOptimise did prove that Google crawls domains which have been liked and does index them, which is a great starting point for analysing influence of Facebook on Google’s algorithms.

Lastly, drinks and socialising are probably the best part of the conference. If you don’t stick around for these bits, you’re definitely not maximising on the experience!



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