16 May 2011 | Team Tamar

Google – A hint at the future look of the SERPs?

It was revealed earlier this week that Google were testing a new search results page which included a line between results in order to clean up the clustered and somewhat dated look we have all become accustom to over the last few years.

The introduction of universal search back in mid 2007 saw the inception of the SERPs as we see it today complete with images, videos, maps, news feeds, social feeds such as Twitter and most recently Google +1.

Whilst these have grown organically over the last 4 years, Google’s initial simple white background look has slowly become overcrowded; this new layout will enable users to clearly differentiate between search results and give a better distinction between the results we see before us.

Although some have questioned the impact on click through rates – results will inevitably get pushed down lower below the fold – I believe the new design will give users a better experience in finding what they are looking for.

This latest development (although still in testing) raises the question of what the ideal SERP would look like and what indeed Google have in store for us in the future…

As video, images and other search results become more prevalent, it is possible that the face of the SERPs may begin to change to favour them; it also begs the question of how our paid and natural search results will come to be displayed as other results become more sort after and popular.

A simple interchangeable dashboard which gives a snippet of each type of result could be one such idea which gives users the top 5 results in order for them to decide more easily which of the results to delve deeper into.

Naturally there would be implications on paid and natural search results, most notably the paid results which could be offset by having paid versions of the other results such as images and videos within their respective sections.

Team Tamar

  • http://www.kaizenlog.com Infonote

    The only problem with this is that people with smaller screens will only see Adwords results without scrolling.

    The aim of a Search engine is to provide the best results to the user.
    They make money through paid ads but they must reach a balance at least.

  • flakefrost

    me likey, me likey alot