13 May 2011 | Team Tamar

Facebook brand tagging is a sign of things to come

Facebook announced this week that it is now allowing users to tag brands in photos, in the same way they’d tag a friend or family member.

Currently limited to “Brands and Products” or “People” pages (the rest are set to be added at a later date – i.e. Places, Causes, Entertainment etc), the move signals Facebook’s intentions to continually improve the functionality offered to brands using the social network.

Obviously the new feature could result in a little extra moderation for page owners – the ability to spam pages with unwelcome photos is a bit of a hurdle to overcome – but it also provides a brilliant new way for brands to spread the news of their activities and offerings through the news feed.

Images tagged by users currently only show fairly discretely on a brand’s page – and as you’d expect, admins have the ability to remove anything they don’t approve of, so the risks are fairly minimal.

The move follow’s Facebook’s introduction of Twitter-style tagging in status updates last year – soon after tagging of friends was introduced, the ability to tag brand pages was also rolled out.

With this latest upgrade to page functionality, along with a number of other improvements which have rolled out recently (including a much bigger focus on “insights”, in a number of different places) it is surely a sign that Facebook are treating pages as seriously as most brands would hope.

What’s next, Facebook?

Team Tamar