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Facebook brand tagging is a sign of things to come

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
13 May 2011

Facebook announced this week that it is now allowing users to tag brands in photos, in the same way they’d tag a friend or family member.

Currently limited to “Brands and Products” or “People” pages (the rest are set to be added at a later date – i.e. Places, Causes, Entertainment etc), the move signals Facebook’s intentions to continually improve the functionality offered to brands using the social network.

Obviously the new feature could result in a little extra moderation for page owners – the ability to spam pages with unwelcome photos is a bit of a hurdle to overcome – but it also provides a brilliant new way for brands to spread the news of their activities and offerings through the news feed.

Images tagged by users currently only show fairly discretely on a brand’s page – and as you’d expect, admins have the ability to remove anything they don’t approve of, so the risks are fairly minimal.

The move follow’s Facebook’s introduction of Twitter-style tagging in status updates last year – soon after tagging of friends was introduced, the ability to tag brand pages was also rolled out.

With this latest upgrade to page functionality, along with a number of other improvements which have rolled out recently (including a much bigger focus on “insights”, in a number of different places) it is surely a sign that Facebook are treating pages as seriously as most brands would hope.

What’s next, Facebook?



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