27 April 2011 | Team Tamar

HRH 2.0 – Will, Kate (sorry, Catherine) and Google…

With the Royal Wedding almost upon us, we thought it as good a time as any to conduct our own research into how users are reacting to Will and Kate’s big day.

Much was made of Charles living in Diana’s shadow and, if the search stats are to be believed, the omens are not good for the second in line to the throne. Some 550,000 global monthly searches are conducted for ‘Kate Middleton’ whereas ‘Prince William’ receives less than half at 201,000 global monthly searches.

Despite their best efforts to rebrand Kate as Catherine, the Royal family have been unable to impact on the search behaviour of the British public. Whilst the Queen may be onto something here (the bride’s Christian name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton), web users are not buying into Cate 2.0. The majority make use of the term ‘Kate Middleton’ (110,000 local monthly searches) as opposed to 9,900 for ‘Catherine Middleton’ and a lowly 36 for ‘Cate Middleton’.

They say there’s a black sheep in every family, and never one to break from tradition, the Royal Family is home to a proverbial flock. When it comes to the brothers Wales, Prince Harry is the bearer of the short straw (in search terms at least). Attracting 110,000 global monthly searches, ‘Prince Harry’ is not too far behind his brother in terms of popularity. It will be interesting to note possible change in this post wedding.

Wedding fever has truly gripped the global community and, regardless of where we stand on the Royal Family, it is an exciting time for the UK. It has been interesting to note how web users here and abroad have gone about engaging with the web from a search perspective. It will be fascinating to witness the development of Kate Middleton as a digital brand.

Just as Barack Obama and to a lesser extent David Cameron, used digital channels to market themselves favourably, the future Queen of England could change the way we perceive and relate to the monarchy.

For the full insights, check out the Royal Wedding edition of Tamar Search Attitudes report.

Team Tamar