14 February 2011 | Tanya Goodin

Which British Brands are feeling the love today?

Valentine’s Day seemed to us to be the perfect day to release our first “Britain’s Best Loved Brands” table.

We’ve been spending at lot of time at Tamar thinking about brand love. What makes a brand well loved? How do customers demonstrate their love for a brand and how well do brands translate that love into profit?

Getting to the place where customers are not just customers but ardent fans of your brand has to be the goal of any marketing director in Britain. Loved-up fans translate to the Holy Grail of marketing – the lifelong customer.

We decided to measure ‘love’ for our first table by the degree of social interactions with the brand online. There are lots of different measures and the table deliberately lays itself wide open to challenges of metrics that haven’t been considered. But as a simple measure it’s effective.

If you so love a brand that you’ve gone to the trouble of following it on Twitter or engaging with it on Facebook that suggests your ‘love’ is pretty ardent. It’s a visible demonstration that you are actively involved with the brand not just a passive appreciator of its charms. That kind of active involvement is what every brand in the social media age is seeking. Engaged fans will buy your brand time and time again over any competitor because they feel ownership and involvement.

The next stage for us is unpicking what ‘love’ for a brand really means and the propensity of each brand to translate that into profit. But have a look at the brands listed in our table, wouldn’t you agree that they’re a pretty good snapshot of the most successful British brands who are really feeling the love today? We know that love translates into profit and we’re on a mission to prove it. Happy Valentines Day!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar