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Search, social, mobile and more – integration is key

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 February 2011

This week’s issue of new media age features an excellent ‘leader’ column by editor Justin Pearse, looking at the need for integration and evolution in online marketing agencies. As Justin points out, Social Media marketing is a natural evolution from “older” marketing channels such as Search – with experience in online marketing being key to ensuring your social media campaign is results-focused and ROI-driven.

Here’s a short extract from Justin’s piece:

The impact of [social] on search is only just starting to be felt and 2011 is sure to be a transformative year. Their increasingly entwined relationship needs to inform your marketing strategy. It’s why agencies such as iCrossing, TBG, iSpy and Tamar, with their heritage in search, have been so quick to integrate social media. It’s why you should be wary of social media specialists that don’t have expertise in search.

As Justin goes on to say, Mobile will be the next big evolution which search will need to integrate with – something we’ve been saying for a couple of years now.

For us here at Tamar, the idea of doing search without considering the social impact, or indeed doing social without a focus on the objectives and drivers of search marketing would be utterly fruitless. It’s why all of our search campaigns integrate social media as a core component, and why all of our social media strategists have been schooled in search marketing.

If you’re conducting either marketing channel in isolation, or are even considering it, I’d urge you to think again…



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