4 February 2011 | Team Tamar

Facebook launch new photo-viewing interface – downloading now supported

Note: Usually I’d wait until somebody else had blogged about this before putting virtual pen-to-paper, so that I could refer to official sources, gather opinion and all that jazz. But I’ve not spotted anybody else talking about this yet, so I’m assuming it might just have launched today…?

It appears that Facebook have revamped their photo-viewing interface, launching a new overlay window which pops up when you click on a photo. You can scroll through photos a lot more easily, as well as having the option to “Download this photo” – not just on your own photos, but on those of your friends too.

Photos uploaded in hi-res (another new option Facebook added recently) can be downloaded in hi-res too, which must be giving Facebook some data centre challenges right now!

Obviously it’s a bit early to guess quite how this change will embed itself with users, but it certainly seems like Facebook is upping it’s game when it comes to photo hosting. Despite the fact that – my volume – it’s the biggest photo-hosting platform on the internet, compared to Flickr it has long been seen as lacking in terms of functionality. The recent change allowing Hi-res image hosting, along with this new way of viewing images would certainly imply that the wheels of change are now in motion…

[Here’s a screenshot showing it – though you need to try it our for yourself to get the jist of it, since the window resizes as you resize the browser, so it’s quite hard to get a screenshot of!]

Team Tamar