24 February 2011 | Team Tamar

Coming Soon – the greatest social media movie. Ever!

Here on the Tamar blog, we usually steer clear of ‘lighter’ news stories, preferring to stick to sharing our opinions or insight on the latest trends/news that will be relevant to our clients and industry peers. However, a story on Mashable today has forced me to break that unwritten rule.

The following video is a teaser-trailer for what might just end up being the greatest movie ever made. Forget ‘The Social Network’, or that awesome spoof Twitter Movie trailer from last year. ‘The Chronicles of Rick Roll’ is going to be a movie made up almost-entirely of internet Meme-stars.

See how many of your favourite YouTube sensations you can spot in the 49-second clip. Here in the Tamar offices, Antoine Dodson and the Double Rainbow guy have provided us with literally minutes of entertainment, usually on a Friday afternoon, so I’m glad we can give something back to them by promoting their project!

If you want to read the gory details, head over to Mashable for the original story… But here and now for your viewing pleasure is the teaser for the movie. Enjoy!

Team Tamar