18 November 2010 | Team Tamar

Twitterlytics has arrived – but what does it do?

It looks like Twitter is finally testing user analytics for their service – thanks to @mashable and @mongoosemetrics for the screenshots. Not many other social platforms have this kind of depth attached to their offerings, so its great to see the new service in alpha mode. It looks fairly basic at the moment, focusing on Re-Tweet activity and mentions, nothing juicy like profile views and tweet impressions – hopefully it will continue to evolve into a full blown product. Frankly, if these services require payment, sign me up!

Twitter Analytics

Analytics and relevant user data is invaluable when you are sculpting any campaign and one of the traditional drawbacks to twitter is the difficulty of extracting meaningful analytics from the service. The third party apps are were very good but can only measure and did not catch everything.

There have been numerous third-party twitter analytics products in the market, some of  them launching in the same week that the analytics alphas were rolled out. It’s more than likely that the third party twitter analytics startup teams are in their respective war-rooms figuring out how to sustain their models.

I for one am waiting for a bigger roll-out of the service so I can see whats under the hood!

Team Tamar