5 October 2010 | Team Tamar

Search Pro Tips – Episode 1. Advice for new marketers [VIDEO]

If you read our blogs on a regular basis, you’ll know how much we enjoy sharing knowledge and opinions here at Tamar. Well, we want to make sure that we take that one step further – not just giving you our opinion, but sharing the opinions of other industry heavyweights too. So, we’ve started a new series of video tips, asking various questions to industry figures and pundits.

Our first ‘episode’ asks the question “In under 30 seconds give me your no.1 piece of advice to someone starting a career in online marketing” and features SEO thought-leaders Rand Fishkin, New Media Age’s Will Cooper and Tamar’s own Henry Elliss. Watch out for episode 2 next week…

Team Tamar

  • Kristina K

    Thanks, I found this video helpful! I am interviewing for a marketing job with a big IT company the end of this week so I have been looking online for tips from marketing professionals to those new in the field. I really like the idea of creating your own site, as well as the what the second person said about results taking time..