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(Search) Location, Location, Location – Google loosens up

Alex Christie

20 October 2010

Google has been delivering localised results based on IP and your personal data for some time now, but they have recently opened up the option for users to control. It is now possible to define your own location or even broaden it to a country or larger metropolitan area.

It is an inspired move to help define locations better, and deliver more relevant local results. For a long time my location has been Sandton, an artifact of the way South African IP addresses have been assigned – there are no patterns for the different cities and everything comes out of Johannesburg.

It’s the little changes and innovations like this that contribute to Google retaining their search share by serving more relevant content to the users and giving users control of their search experience.

This function is not available on google.com or google.co.uk yet. You can see the functionality at google.co.za. I am a bit peeved that you can’t browse from Gotham City or even the Moon – not very forward thinking of Google is it… : )




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