1 October 2010 | Team Tamar

Google SEO Starter Guide II (The Sequel)

If you had to choose who you would like to receive a best practice SEO guide from, it would probably be Google (apart of Tamar of course). Well, the search engine with all the secrets has released an improvement of their SEO starter guide from two years ago.
google bot
New features include:

  • A Glossary of technical terms has been included at the bottom of each page. This is useful because the words are highlighted on the page and then featured at the bottom of the page so you don’t have to go to a seperate page
  • Images to help the reader understand the content page
  • A new section which outlines ways to optimise your site for mobile devices and mobile search

The section on mobile devices is particularly interesting – with more users accessing Google via mobile devices, it is important to have a mobile site that is both mobile user friendly and search engine friendly. Google suggest submitting a mobile sitemap via Google Webmaster Tools and allowing “Googlebot-Mobile” in your robots.txt file. There are various other tips in this section that should be considered when optimising a mobile site.

The fact that Google has released this starter guide after both the “Mayday” update and Google Instant shows that the fear-mongers saying that SEO is dead are likely to be wrong – Google still see a place for SEO and encourage website owners to optimise their sites so that search engines can index sites more efficiently.

Find the full guide here.

Team Tamar