20 September 2010 | Team Tamar

The importance of language and Google Instant

As a former translator, transitioning to SEO was a somewhat natural progression. Identifying language nuances and searching for the most compatible expression to match sentence by sentence was an everyday challenge – something I believe is innately rooted in search as well.

Google’s most recent update, Google Instant, does appear to be another step in that direction – with the difference that expressions are no longer required to be complete and content is instantly “matched”. In this digital translation exercise, words continue to mean the places where they are contained – websites, social media profiles, blogs – but they also take life of their own as images, videos, podcasts… not just text.

At Tamar, we are aware that the challenge that gets us out of bed every morning – helping our clients outperform their competitors and their own past results – demands much more from us. Whereas many years ago we could rely on optimising a website, today we also optimise the corresponding social media presences and the content assets that bring these to life.

Everything is an opportunity to improve performance and that is how it should be viewed: like a puzzle where all parts carry equal weight and are interlinked between each other to make sense of a brand and bring revenue to their business.

With this in mind, when someone asked me to share my thoughts on the future of Google (tall order Tamar Team!), I thought I would begin by affirming that Google is here to stay and is still a dominant force but, as content assets become more free to roam the web, Google is no longer indispensable. Alternative channels are offering avenues for a brand to promote itself and its products or services just as effectively – Facebook and Twitter are only some of the best-known examples.

It is our job as search strategists to help our clients select the best combination of these channels and the strongest, most suitable content assets in order to help them reach their target audience successfully. That’s what search and social conversion at Tamar is about.

Team Tamar