8 September 2010 | Tanya Goodin

Google Streaming event – live blogging

At 5.30 pm UK time Google is going to start their so called Streaming Event. We are expecting a lot of announcements about changes as to the how the Google search results are displayed.

Based on tests we have seen over the last few weeks we may see streaming which changes the results shown as you type. We may also see as many as 30 (but possibly only 20) natural results shown as well. And more adverts of course!

And we can also expect a few surprises, ’tis the way of Google.

As I will be live blogging refresh this page for the latest updates. They should be done by 7pm.

Google’s Eric Schmidt:

“I predict big things happening today at Google. We’re already fast. Fast is about to get faster.”
Today is all about speed and fast.
Marissa Mayer is first up.

  • Google Streaming Live in UK!
  • OK, its called Google Instant!
  • Still only 10 results per page
  • Google aims to reduce typing speed
  • Google predicts what you are typing for in real time
  • Available on IE8,  Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Have to be signed in for now (data gathering?)
  • Google saving 11 hours per second on search delivery
  • Three main features
  • Instant results
  • Set of predictions
  • Scroll to Search
  • People intuitively look at the Search Box while they are typing
  • Use ‘tab’ to complete search query
  • Use ‘down’ arrow to scroll through search suggestions
  • Ads change as well of course!
  • Feedback combining three features makes search more intuitive and quicker – combines multiple searches into one
  • Oh great, testimonials as part of the presentation, not much use there
  • Official Blog Post here:
  • Not live on iPhone for me, will be on mobiles later this year
  • Forgot, new Search box is much bigger
  • Users look at search grey results and when they see a search they check out results
  • Looks like we are done on interesting stuff and into back slapping
  • Unless…
  • Comprehensiveness and Understanding next up for Google
  • So User Intent – no surprise there

Think thats it for now.

PS. People will learn how to ‘pull results up’ (from below the fold)

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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