9 September 2010 | Team Tamar

Google Instant and keywords – what comes next?

The web is literally buzzing after last night’s announcement of Google Instant. This has undoubtedly changed the search landscape and of course, my team’s area of expertise, content. Writing good online content depends on a wide variety of factors, but in this post I will be looking at only one – the one that has been affected the most with Google’s update, key terms and phrases.

Rooney‘Instant’ updates users’ results fast; this of course means that many users will find what they are looking for before typing their entire search query. For example, “Wayne Rooney”. I’ve heard and read a lot about his recent exploits, but what of someone who hadn’t? Luckily, you only have to type “way” before seeing everything you could possibly need to know about what he has been up to. Allowing users to find what they want with less hassle. This will impact searches in a variety of ways.

Users will start searching smarter. When searching for a key term consisting of three words, users will adapt to the “Instant” way and find what they want faster. However, I still think that long tail niche phrases will have to be specifically searched for and long tail terms will be very important because people will keep typing until the see the results they want.

These changes will also change the way SEO copy is written, key terms and phrases will become more natural looking instead of what spammers are known for, cramming them into which ever space is available. This will make good SEO content better to read, more useful to readers while pleasing the search gods. So everyone wins.

I think that these new developments are great, and as a copywriter I am looking forward to see how this affects my day to day job. I do think that this is a great step in the right direction from Google though, simply because people will learn to search better, more specifically and by using those stats and trends, Google will be able to provide even more relevant results.

Team Tamar

  • Mark Carter

    Well said Rick, I agree with the article 100%. I am involved in the search industry and I am really looking forward to the development of instant search. It’s about time we had something new to get our teeth stuck into this will no doubt separate the fly by night SEO companies from the passionate ones who really do care about results. For once I am actually impressed with a SEM blog and looking forward to reading more of your work. Top Notch!

    • Rick Bosch

      Hi Mark,

      Glad you enjoyed reading my post! Keep an eye out for some follow ups as we figure out Google Instant, but I do like what I’ve seen so far.