2 August 2010 | Team Tamar

Web Based Computing – The Google Cloud

Chrome OS_blogNearly 2 years ago Google released their Chrome browser to the world. This as it turns out is part of a much bigger project, having already been developed in Android mobile devices.  Over the coming months, Google plan to release their cloud based operating system called, Google Chromium OS.

It will mean no blue screens of death or nagging anti virus updates, nothing is stored on your computer, it’s all on the net.
Chrome OS claims to make you stop worrying about your computer – your computer is the internet. Simplifying the OS will make accessing the web faster and much more secure.
This is no doubt the future of computing and the web, there has been a shift of usage from a dependence on installed software to a much more browser based experience. A number of companies have been developing web based versions their software. Adobe recently released a Photoshop online editor and organiser together with a mobile app for editing on the go.

I’m sure Google will be tracking our every move with this release – but so will Apple and Microsoft as they too are planning to release similar operating systems. It will be initially targeted at the netbook and tablet market, so it may be a while until we all get to experience it.

Team Tamar