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Part 1 of 4 – Tamar Infographic series: captivate, communicate, convert

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
17 August 2010

Today, Tamar is launching the first in a series of four Infographics that map the way we deliver the promise of our logo – “the search and social conversion agency”. We’ve seen an explosion in the use of Infographics this year, which was one of my 15 predictions for 2010

The rise of the Infographic feeds my view that we all benefit from better ways of capturing and visualising information, which also can enrich real-time analysis. A good Infographic can condense 40, 50, 60 pages of textual explanation in a way that’s both graspable and shareable.

The Tamar Infographics have been developed by our Creative Director, Sarah Graveling, who has worked with the whole Tamar team to pinpoint visually how we work in Social Media, Search and Conversion – and how all this meshes to make a winning campaign.

Sarah’s view of what makes a good Infographic is expressed in this series – making complex, sometimes boring and always lengthy information graspable, understandable, reusable.

As Sarah said in her recent Tamar blog post an Infographic is: “Ideally something you would happily put on the wall of your office.”

We’re kicking off the series with the Social Media Infographic. The Infographic depicts the way we work with clients to learn, engage and add value to social media. Through this strategic process, which is one part of an integrated online marketing campaign, clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers, a fresh way of connecting to them and a path to long-term trust in the brand.

If I was to say more, it would spoil the fun and defeat the purpose of this beautiful graphic. But we’d love to know what you think and please do share all the Tamar Infographics if you think they’re useful. We’ll be posting the series over the next few days so do check back and share your ideas.

Download the Tamar Social Media Infographic ( right-click and select ‘save as’ )

Tamar Social media infographic


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