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Dead or alive?

Alex Christie

24 August 2010

I have always been a big fan of hard-hitting graphs, and I was especially astounded by this Wired Magazine Article. I was alerted to this eye opening graph by @tanyagoodin and was immediately sceptical by the apparent demise of “web”. I investigated and it turns out that the graph is a 100% area graph and really only looks at “share”, not actual usage where the graph looks radically different.

The  internet usage stats for each of the periods was estimated using data from the World Bank and naturalised the graph by overall volume of users for each period.

There were only 2,000,000 internet users in the USA in 1990, compared to the (conservative) estimated 250,000,000 US users in 2010. The extended graph paints a far more accurate picture of how the world changed its data consumption on the internet.

Web is certainly not dead, it may well be hitting a plateau, especially in the US where users are fairly saturated, but the rest of the world is showing a slight growth in users if the US share percentages are used globally.




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