13 July 2010 | Team Tamar

Using content to enhance a brand

In search, we are always seeking to ensure that a visitor to our site engages with us in some capacity.  Whether it is through the purchasing of a product, the requesting of a call back or the registering of contact details on the site – we are seeking to encourage a transaction of some kind. To draw a user to a site and then have them leave without engaging us, should be viewed as an opportunity missed.

Should we fail to engage a user in a transactional sense, we should at the very least ensure that they leave the site with their perception of the brand enhanced. Content can play a significant role in developing a brand online.

It is widely acknowledged that Google is a fan of highly relevant, regularly updated, unique content. Whilst this has positive implications for natural search,  we should not ignore the positive impact that content can have on a brand.

Hosting highly relevant, unique, industry specific content onsite will only serve to establish said site as a credible source of information. Visitors to the site will then develop a degree of trust in the domain and in time, could view the site as the authority in their field. The more frequently the content is updated, the more a user will view the site as an industry authority. Simply by creating niche content that is relevant to users,  we are establishing trust in the site (and thereby the brand)

Unique news content, whilst challenging to create, is a highly effective means of developing a brand profile. Providing users with relevant, industry specific breaking stories will go some way to establishing the credibility of the site as a source of information. The more we are able to ‘break’ stories or lead with industry specific news, the more users will view the site as not only credible, but also as an authority.

Add to the mix the prospect of appearing in Google News (Google’s proprietary news aggregation service) and the possibilities are endless. We’ll ignore the SEO benefit of Google News for the purposes of this post and focus purely on how Google News can enhance a brand. In accepting a site into Google News, Google is effectively confirming the respective domain as a credible provider of industry specific news content. Not only is the content itself noteworthy, but Google is giving the structure of the site a thumbs up. By including a site in Google News, Google is effectively ‘voting’ for its own sites.

Purely by creating highly relevant, useful content, a webmaster has the opportunity to have Google slap a big fat ‘Google Approved’ sticker on their site.  The benefit of this to a brand online cannot be underestimated.


Team Tamar