26 July 2010 | Team Tamar

Three essential iPhone ‘Tool’ apps I like.

Mobile apps on smart phones have come a long way since they were made widely available after the launch of the iPhone in the middle of 2007.

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At the beginning of 2010, it was reported that there were over 100,000 iPhone apps available for download.

Below lists three useful iPhone productivity apps that I like:

1. Dragon Dictation: this is a voice recognition app, powered by the Dragon Naturally Speaking engine.  This app converts speech to text, which makes writing emails an easier and quicker experience.  Apparently, up to five times quicker (but only if you are able to speak clearly,  I think).  I like this app because it’s tiny in size, occupying less than 5Mb compared to its desktop equivalent of 1Gig, and requires no installation and voice setup. It’s currently free on iTunes, so it gets a big thumbs up from me.


2. JotNot Scanner Pro: I’m now in the habit of taking mobile pictures of useful documentations, such as instruction manuals, notes and timetables etc.  This app is essentially an iPhone document scanner.  I recommend this app, because it improves legibility of pictures of documents I take, and enables me to easily cut out text from the picture.  It also helps you manage your document scans.  There is a cost to this app, so you should try the ‘lite’ version first before you buy the full version.  Or even try Genius Scan, which does most of the same things.

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3. AppBox Pro: is essentially a Swiss knife of useful iPhone apps.  Apps within this app include alarm clock, battery life, currency converter, flash light, ruler, Google docs/news/reader/talk/calendar.  I like this app because it’s good value for money at 59 pence, and I like the fact that all the apps are contained within a single App, which avoids cluttering your iPhone with lots of utility apps.  Admittedly, folders in IOS4 addresses this issue, however, it does save you having to move apps to a single folder.

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Team Tamar

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