9 June 2010 | Team Tamar

Vuvuzela’s and keeping up with the realtime web

vuvuzelaVuvuzela (voo-voo-zeh-lah) – a long trumpet commonly blown at football matches in South Africa,  traditionally made from horn. Most are, however, plastic these days. 

A lot of bloggers know the importance of utilising current affairs and trending topics to get traffic, but is traffic all you want? There are so many SEO benefits to getting onto the trending topics  bandwagon early, guaranteeing sustainable link generation and a lot of hype for your site. There is a distinct flavour of FIFA World Cup 2010 fever on the boil in South Africa at the moment and the tumult is sure to increase in weeks to come.

The vuvuzela is a perfect example of quick win link building: the Google trends graph below is an example of the search volume out there and it is certainly set to go through the roof in the next few weeks…

search volume for vuvuzela

search volume for vuvuzela

“Vuvuzela” was a trending topic on Twitter today and it shows how fast these trends can shift. It is important to keep up with these trends so that you can leverage them for your marketing purposes. How do I use a vuvuzela for link building? You might ask yourself this question, the answer is simple – if you can create the most relevant article or  a powerful opinion piece, the links will find their own way to you. The volumes are there and the interest is piquing.

Its important to keep an eye out for upcoming trending topics and abreast of current affairs if it is even remotely related to your industry. Remember to always keep your content fresh and relevant!

Team Tamar