1 June 2010 | Team Tamar

Tips to save money using iPhone overseas

I recently took an Iphone 3GS to Paris.  Before going to the ‘City of Light’, I decided to check the mobile tariff for internet usage, and I was surprised to learn that the mobile network operator charged £3 per 1Mb data usage.  This set me on a path of finding useful tips to ensure I don’t get an end of month shock.  Below lists the most useful ones I used.

1. Track how much data usage you use on a regular basis.  Use the following steps to check your data usage: Tap on General in Settings.  Then tap on Usage.  Near the bottom of the page, you will be able to check data sent and received.  Don’t forget to reset stats just before you go overseas, otherwise you will get the wrong information.

Iphone Usage 2. You are likely to use maps on holiday, so download off-line maps before you leave.  If you use Google maps overseas, it will cost you £1.50 per usage based on 0.5mb of map data downloaded.  I like the Iphone app ‘2 Go’ series.  I found the ‘Paris 2 Go’ Iphone app to be really useful because as well as providing lots of off-line information about the country, the off-line map utilised a compass.

Paris 2 Go

3. Turn off push notification on your Iphone.  This will save your battery as well.

4. If you don’t want to use any data at all, you can turn on Airplane mode on your Iphone.  This is a bit of an extreme measure, as if you turn this on, you won’t be able to make and received calls, and will stop you using GPS functionality as well.

Team Tamar