17 June 2010 | Team Tamar

Support to end for Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft has announced that on 13 July 2010 they will suspend support for Windows XP SP2(Service pack 2). This means that Microsoft will no longer be testing newly discovered vulnerabilities to determine if Windows XP SP2 is affected, nor will it be developing any more patches or updates in support of Windows XP SP2. This will result in the Windows XP user, with SP2 installed, not being protected to the latest patches or updates that Microsoft will rollout.

You will be left with two choices. Either upgrade to SP3, or upgrade to the latest Windows edition, Windows 7. According to the latest data, Windows XP still has nearly 63% of the market share for desktops operating on Windows, compared to 15% for Windows Vista, and just under 13% for Windows 7.

By upgrading to XP SP3, you can still get support for another 4 years, as Microsoft announced they will end support for the XP version of Windows in April 2014.

Team Tamar