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It’s CSR time in Cape Town!

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
8 June 2010

shade-house.general_300It’s CSR time in Cape Town and once again we are looking forward to helping out at Vuyani Primary. Every year the Tamar Cape Town raises funds which are used to help out at the school. Last year we built every classroom a bespoke bookshelf, set up an outdoor classroom and built two sturdy seesaws for the playground.

To raise funds, this year we created ‘Hotdog Days’, where we bought and sold hot dogs in the office, and held a pub quiz. After a visit to Vuyani and a chat with the headmaster earlier this year, together we decided that the school could benefit from a food tent.

A food tent, also known as a shade house, is similar to a greenhouse, in that it protects cultivated plants from the weather. It consists of a wooden structure covered by shade netting, such as the one pictured above. Our shade house has been designed by Tamar staff members, and is 3m wide and 18m long.

We have one day to construct the entire shade house, but with some careful planning and plenty of positive energy, we are sure we can get the structure up in no time. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress, so watch this space…

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