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Google caffeine – why the fuss?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
10 June 2010

CaffeineFirst off unless you are really into your SEO its unlikely that you will have heard too much if anything about Caffeine. But Caffeine is a behind the scenes bit of engineering by Google that will impact heavily in what we see in our search results, right now yes but more importantly much more in the future.

So first up lets clear up the fact that this is not a rankings algorithm update, we have May Day as the last one of those. But this is going to impact and impact hard in future results as Google is using Caffeine to set itself up for the new ’3D’ world of search, Probably involving stuff we haven’t even thought about yet.

Essentially Google now has a set of “50% fresher results” and the advent of video, images, news and real-time updates, the average webpage is richer and more complex and they needed an indexing system that could deal with that now and in the future.

As Matt Cutts of Google said “What’s exciting about Caffeine though is that it allows easier annotation of the information stored with documents, and subsequently can unlock the potential of better ranking in the future with those additional signals”.

But what does this mean for your site right now?

Well, as semi official mouthpiece of Google Vanessa Fox says “Content owners will reap the benefits of Caffeine without doing anything at all. In fact, there’s really not much, if anything content owners can do”. but that is for right now. What is not in doubt is that very shortly Google is going to be able to take far more content, of differing types and publish it much more quickly.

Being able to react to this ‘need’ is essential if you want to drive traffic via the Search Engines to your sites in the very near future. Welcome to Caffiene v1.



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