14 June 2010 | Team Tamar

Cape Town CSR project kicks off

Football fever has us all in its grasp here in Cape Town, and the football analogies are going to last until the very last game…but we have taken a moment to remember our CSR project tomorrow. We’ll be putting up a food tent at Vuyani Primary in Gugulethu – check it out here. Everything is organised and we are all looking forward to a day of rewarding hard work.

However, the rain is bucketing down, so it might be a damp day for everyone. Keep an eye on our Tamar Cape Town Twitter account for updates throughout the day. Also, keep an eye on our blogs page and we’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

The following day, Wednesday 16 June, is Youth Day in South Africa and a day off work across the country. We’ll be spending it remembering our eventful history, watching football and looking forward to our colourful future…

Team Tamar